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Updated 11/07/13
This website, business aside, is really all about the FUN we can have in this hobby. SHARE! ENJOY!

Please excuse this webpage as "behind the scenes" we continue to build a "catalog" page that we are all most used to seeing and ordering from.

PLEASE be aware that it could take a week or more to fullfill your order. We are a very small company manufacturing a very unique product with limited resources.

We do our best to ship as soon as possible...Supplies come in from around the world and some things are completely out of our contro. Occasionally there is a slight backorder of a particular item.

If you have questions about your order please email. THANK YOU!

You are absolutely assured that it is WORTH the WAIT!

BUG owners around the world will attest! Be patient and you will be rewarded :)

In the meanwhile, this long page consists of 6 main catagories.
"About Lightflite and our mission statement", Combo kits and ARF's (add to cart) , Accessories (add to cart), Coming Soon, BUG General Info/Specs, Links. and Videos and Reviews.
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If you cannot make sense of what is available, or if you have ANY questions whatsoever, please simply email us at info@lightflite.com or call 518-229-6901.
We would be most GLAD to help! Thank You.


After a LONG delay due to the new printing process, the new designer BUG's are shipping!


NEW ITEMS-See Below to order

Spektrum AR6110E "Clone" Receiver only $23.95, 2800mAh 11.1V Futaba or JR/Spektrum Transmitter Pack

with PCB board featuring 9V automatic low voltage CUT-OFF! $49


Attn: fellow pilots and modelers...

In our humble opinion, you have found your way to one of the most fun, versatile, DURABLE (we term it "RTC", "Ready To Crash"), and unique RC airplane kits offered anywhere.
The RC "BUG" is not merely a new plane of the season, but an instant "classic". An easy gentile slow flyer, but fully 3D capable, with a very versatile flight envelope. It most assuredly will mesmerize you and any onlookers with its magical slow flight ability, capable of wild 3D behavior and will most definitely and instantly become the favorite in your RC hangar! All this without regard to your level of RC experience.
From trainer like and very precise and stable slow filght, to all out 3D, indoor and outdoor, wind or no wind, up close and personal at your park or in your small backyard, this "Bug" is totally "addictive"!
Beginners and Advanced pilots alike, all agree... the Lightflite RC "Bug" is simply a "MUST HAVE"!
Take a careful look around, look at the pictures link, read the testimonials, search the newsgroups and the RC forums...
We will let you be the judge, but we are confident that you too will soon agree...NO KIDDING, you'll just have to try one! :)


"Lightflite", the home of the one and only, the mysteriously magical...
"Slow flying, Hyper-Aerobatic"


The NEW BUG graphics shipping! :)





What is currently shipping updated 11/07/13
The 23" Classic BUG (ARF and Combo) , The 17" MINI BUG (ARF and Combo), The 23" "Expert" BUG Combo, and the Twirl Twin Autogyro (ARF and Combo).
The newest accessories are the Spektrum AR6110E "CLONE", the"6mm" Magic Motor Mount, the "Easy Bevel 45"

About Lightflite and our Mission

Well, there has been a LOT of experimentation and "goings on" behind the scenes at Lightflite this past season and there is an awful lot in the works! We are always seeking ways to improve what currently exists, like having "custom" items that we need manufactured, sourcing items that have yet to reach the market, and all the while keeping a sharp eye out for more "unique" kits and accessories to bring you to increase your flying enjoyment. Though there is some really great stuff out there that we all fly and buy, myself included, however, we don't offer mass marketed ARF's and the like, only kits that we offer we manufacture and test ourselves exclusively.

Instead of the term "RTF" (ready to fly), we affectionately call most of our models "RTC", short for "READY to CRASH", as they are known for their durability !

We are a small business, production is growing steadily but not on the level of any major distributor by any means. We appreciate your patience as we perfect any additions to our lineup before we can ship. If we say "it's coming", it will be available at some point while we perfect the design, source the proper equipment, and work out any production issues to reliably supply you your unique RC goodies!

We take total pride on how we deal with you, the customers, offering personalized service, parts, building, flying, and set-up advice via email or phone. We try our best to source and provide you with excellent products that we ourselves have tested and use everyday. Our policy is simple, if for some reason you don't like a product that you receive from us for any reason, simply return it to us for an exchange or a refund of the items cost.

Don't have the time to build? We offer "RTF" packages, just ask for a custom quote.

Our MISSION is to offer and share with you, first and foremost, very UNIQUE flyers not found anywhere else on planet RC! They must be durable, FUN, entertaining to you and also to most any onlookers who witness the "magic" flying abilities they posess, as well as provide addictive flight qualities that keep you learning the "possibilities", for a long time to come. They also must be capable of slow flying enough to relax and simply enjoy, be able to fly in and "up close" in small areas or spaces, be verstaile enough to fly both indoors and out, and also provide a good dose of 3D action if so desired. That's a mouthful, but I think you get the idea! :) More "smiles per milliamp" then can be found anywhere. I hope we have fullfilled a good portion of this goal as witnessed by the many groups and individuals all over the world who are now flying and loving the "BUG". The online groups and forums have affectionately taken to identifying these "BUG" flyers as ""BUGGIES". It almost has reached "cult" status! Thank you for your continued support.


EMAIL or call with any inquiries or for "RTF" quotes info@lightflite.com, 518-229-6901

Order your Combo Kits and ARF's here...


The Classic 23" Slow Fly / 3D V3 BUG

Choose this 23" BUG if you want from S-L-O-W stable flight to full 3D capable


(Stock update as of 11/04/13, all is Shipping...)


"Indoor Season SPECIAL BUG Combo"

NEW Version 3 Die-Cut, Pre-printed (BUG stripes) tabbed fuselage, EASY assembly!! Landing gear MOD included.

Bug" R/C COMBO KIT includes the Lightflite Custom Wound 1100kv Brushless CD motor, prop saver and o-ring, Lightflite "Magic Motor Mount", pre-wired 7.1 gram 12 amp/ 15 amp burst auto cell count brushless speed controller.

3 - 5 gram servos, GWS 10 X 6 HD prop, a tube of QUICK GRIP EPP glue and the new G3 nano-tech 450mAh 7.4V 45C 30gram w/ balance port Li-Po.

Build it, and just add your radio/receiver!!

Fast, fun build, go fly! It all works together REALLY well...

Needed to complete the "BUG" ARF build:

Foam glue like UHU POR or Creativ for Foam (included above in the COMBO Special), Thin CA, and CA Accelerator is required in either case.

Helpful stuff, adjustable for "low temp" hot glue gun

Choice of Blue, RED

Only $159!


"Classic 23" BUG V3 ARF Kit"

Bug" R/C ARF Kit -- New pre-painted stripes in Blue, Red or Yellow (check stock above), tabbed fuselage (see pic), precision "Die Cut", custom cut for magic motor mount installation, easy, fast assembly. Requires 3-5 gram servos, 25 gram-1 oz. brushless motor capable of spinning the largest prop possible for at least 12oz. thrust on 2 cells size 450-480mAh, and a lightweight receiver of 4-8 grams. We highly suggest a tube of the Quick Grip EPP glue or the UHU glue for a quick, easy and flexible build.

(Stock update as of 11/04/13, in stock, NEW designs in RED and BLUE


INCLUDES the 8mm "Magic Motor Mount"

Only $59.00



"Expert BUG" Edition!

Are you done crashing and bashing your "BUG" around? Feelin pretty confident and smooth at the sticks are you? Want a new "jewel" for your hangar, or simply a higher dose of magic?

Just because we can..:) we offer you this new version.

The "EXPERT BUG" is intended for experienced "BUG" flyers only...because we are sacrificing some durability in exchange for more magic!

Very LIMITED Quantity and only BLUE stripes available.

Cut from 6mm 0.9 density EPP foam sheet and and utilizes a lighter weight .070" carbon frame. Flies with 3, 4.4 gram servos, the 14gram E-Flite 250, a 6amp/8 amp burst 5.7 gram brushless ESC, a GWS 8 X 4 DD prop, and a 2 cell 7.4v 300mAh 20C-30C burst pack. "COMBO" includes a tube of EPP Quick Grip glue.

AUW under is under 5oz.!

You just won't believe how light this "Expert BUG" flies!

To insure the "proper and intended flight and weight control" For now, will only be available as a "COMBO" with all of the above specialized gear.

Extra 300mAh batteries available below.





The 17" MINI "BUG" Combo Kits and ARF's

Choose this 17" BUG if you want your BUG to be a little "hotter"!


Due to its lightweight and design, this 17" MINI survives and exceeds all of the legendary "BUG" durability tests. You would have to run this thing over with your car to hurt it! A nicely sized compact dashboard sized RC buddy, perfect for those "random acts of flying". Best for those with with a reasonable dose of "BUG" experience as it is a "bit" faster in all respects. Very similiar in flying characteristics but not quite as slow, floaty, and stable as the regular size "BUG" due to the scaling down effect, and requires a bit more "all fingers on deck" approach to flying. However, if your up for it, hold on... and get ready for much faster aileron rolls and wild manuevers that will certainly keep you entertained! You can fly it calmly and slowly in little or no wind, tons of fun in light winds. It can display lots of aerobatic attitude, and can scoot right along! Indoors in tight spaces, or outdoors in windy conditions, I am sure you will find that it is great addition to your BUG family fun!

Computer radio (expo and dual rates) is definetly needed to tame this one :)


17" Mini BUG COMBO

All you need to get flying just add your receiver and radio.


Combo kit is complete with a 10gram 2000kv brushless motor, 6mm Magic motor mount, 8x4 prop, 6amp ESC, 2 - 4 gram servos, all needed connectors and velcro, EPP Quick Grip glue, and 2- 200mAh 7.4v batteries. You only need your receiver and radio!


ARF only $59, add your own micro equipment!


"RTF Classic 23" BUG"

Expertly built and RTF with 1 battery, just add your receiver and radio.

Depending on the amount of orders, these RTF BUGs can take a week and sometimes up to 2 weeks to ship. After you order, you will be notified of the estimated ship date. Please be patient!



The Lightflite Twin Autogyro "Twirl", original design by Al Foot

Combo Kits and ARF's


A custom painted "TWIRL" by Paul Hart

Simply FANTASTIC!! Autogyros in general can "hook" you right from the start with their awe inspiring and unique flight characteristics, but have previously only been available in expensive and complicated kits that required many precise building procedures to be successful, sharpened flying skills, good wind, and certainly were not for the faint of heart. How about a slow flying "foam" autogyro that is easy to build, can take off in 3 feet in NO wind, fly indoors or out, perform unique flying tricks, be as easy to fly for ANYONE as any 3 channel airplane, but yet can still power itself into a vertical hover like a 3D plane? Sweet performance, pure eye candy, talk about unique...see the youtube video at this years E-Fest.

Typically the TWIRL was only flyable by the most hardy modelers amongst us as the only way to enjoy flying one of these miraculous and curious slow flyers was to build it from bare scratch and tiled plans, investing much time and having the myriad of materials required at hand. Al Foot's activity and creativity seem endless, his plans of the"Twirl", the"MonoTwirl", the "Tri-Twirl", the "Quadra Twirl" and even the Mini and Micro "Twirls", have been available to download or have been seen flying at special events by individuals and Al himself for quite some time. He has had numerous plans "published" for most of his incredible autogyro based foam flyers, but mostly in Europe.

In cooperation with Lightflite, together we have agreed that we will for the very first time supply a complete "KIT" of the infamous "TWIRL" Autogyro by Al Foot, we feel honored and thrilled! We have decided to begin with the easiest to build and fly "Twirl" model before we consider discussing the "kitting" of any of his other very cool creations. A pre-cut kit from 3mm depron with all the carbon pieces and hardware included to make assembly easy to understand, precise, and straightforward. This will get you in the air in less than a fraction of the time required to build from scratch! This is MOST exciting, get ready, this simply is some of the best FUN you can have with your radio on! :) This kit will undoubtedly be another Lightflite MUST HAVE! Check out RCGroups for more info on Al Foot's creations. ...CHEERS to AL!

Here is the recent Nov. 08 FLYRC "TWIRL" review written and flown by Thayer Syme!

Combo: $159 Now Shipping!

The COMBO includes UHU Glue, the Lightflite 1100kv brushless motor, 12 amp brushless ESC, 2 TP-50 servos, a 450mAh 25C 2 cell 7.4v Li-Po, 10x6 HD prop and prop saver, and all component connectors.

All you will need, just add your radio and receiver!


ARF: $75 Now Shipping!

ARF kit includes all laser cut depron parts, 24 pieces of pre-cut carbon, all velcro for attachments, UHU glue, blenderm tape, a complete assortment of laser cut goodies and specialized parts, magic motor mount, 2.5" lightweight Du-Bro wheels, a builders manual and parts list. A very complete kit!

Do you want a "READY TO FLY" RC "BUG" or other Lightflite model?

Just email us for a quote...!

Your BUG can be expertly built, with or without a radio, your choice of color, connectors, complete, and RTF. Want a NEW 2.4 gHz Spektrum DX6i, or Spektrum DX7 INSTALLED, programmed, and set up to fly mild or wild?

Also includes a 7.4V 450mAh battery.

Many more options available...just ask!

Shipped completely "RTF", take it out of the box and FLY!! :)

As configured above with Spektrum DX6i or DX7 radio...

Please email for total quote!

Unlimited and Custom Options are available for the RTF "BUG" or for general purchase such as complete Spektrum DX6i and DX7 radio kits, Hitec HS55 Servos, Castle Creations Phoenix 10, Berg Microstamp Receiver, Spektrum DX6 AR6000, Spektrum DX7 AR6100, Corona Full Range Receiver, Micro Deans Connectors, etc., JUST ASK!

Cutomize it, email for a quote on some of these specialty items either alone, or in the RTF "BUG"...

PLEASE email for a "CUSTOM QUOTE however you desire it to be built!



NEW! "easy bevel 45"

We use this tool EVERYDAY to bevel your kits before we ship them. To us it is a wonderful tool and the most handy accessory to have around when building. It will easily bevel any foam whether it's EPP or Depron to a perfect 45 degree angle everytime! Will handle up to about a 10mm thick sheet, but can also bevel down to 2mm. You are then ready to hinge in seconds...We just could not resist making this tool available to all foamie modelers as it has been a godsend to us. Precision laser cut parts, assembles in seconds. Ingeniuosly captures the blade tip just below the cutting surface for smooth, bind free cuts. Reversible blade for lefties or righties. Comes with the utility blade, blade securing screw, and assembly instructions. You'll wonder how you ever got along without it!

The "easy bevel 45" is available exclusively from Lightflite.


Replacement blades for the Easy Bevel 45 - 5 Pack .017" Regular Duty




NEW! "6mm Magic Motor Mount" !

"Finally a motor mounting solution for the smaller brushless motors, both scale and 3D models. "Just say no" to the fragile firewall mounting method on your 3D or small scale model! A follow up to the 8mm Magic Motor Mount, 1 1/2" long, and 6mm square. The NEW 6mm Magic Motor Mount will allow you to mount any 6mm shaft brushless motor like the E-Flite 250, or one of the popular 10g, 5g, or 2g import motors with ease! Your motor does not have a shaft? No problem, simply use one of the supplied motor plates to mount most any small motor with tabs or an x-mount, and insert it into the mount. By reaching deeper into the fuselage, you increase mounting strength, and significantly decrease potential damage in a mishap. Conveniently change motors at will simply by loosening only 1 screw. The actual mount weighs only 2 grams! Can be cut down for even lighter weight. Install a plate in the rear of the tube for those models that require a firewall mount. A very versatile motor mounting system for those smaller motors!" Made in the USA exclusively by Lightflite. Only $5.99

Extra "8mm Magic Motor Mount" -- $5.99

The mount will accomodate any brushless motor with an 8mm motor shaft. Shown with our 1100KV motor, but also includes a disc for mounting x-mount axi, e-flite, etc.

Lightflite Custom Wound 1100KV 25gram Brushless Motor

Not all "Blue" motors are created equal

Lightflite Custom Wound 1100kv Brushless Motor w/ Prop Saver. Weight: 25 grams. Spinning a GWS 10 X 6 HD prop on 2 or 3 cells! 12 oz thrust w/ 2 cells, 18 oz. w/ 3 cells! Comes with connectors for motor and ESC, prop saver and o-ring. This motor is quite a gem, use it most any lightweight application (such as a Pico Tiger Moth, 3D Blade or foamie, RCDisc, or what have you)...versatile, powerful and sweet!

--Only $25.00

Features : High torque 1100KV wind, Light weight (25g), CNC aluminum can, CNC aluminum bearing support, Ultra high temperature neodym magnets, Silicon steel laminations, High quality ball bearing, High strong carbon steel shaft, Shaft exchangeable, Ultra high temperature coil.

Lightflite Brushless ESC

12 Amp / 15 Amp Burst Brushless Speed Control, radio programable, auto cell detect -- Don't be fooled by the price, this is one reliable ESC! A perfect match for our motor and now pre-wired with 2.3mm motor connectors (matches our motor) and JST battery connector! Just 7.1 grams.



TP50 5 gram servos -- $9 each


Power HD lightweight servos.

When weight really matters. While finalizing the upcoming MINI "BUG" equipment, I searched and searched for micro servos that I felt would be up to the task. After trying them ALL, and I mean ALL, every single one of them, I found that there were just not any micro servos that I felt would meet my expectations. Most were just relabled and exactly the same as the next. Some jitter, but mostly they simply had inaccurate movement, centering, and unreliable performance. FINALLY, my search brought me to this little known factory that actually manufactures these servos (and probably for other suppliers as well under different specs and names) so I ordered some samples. Well guess what? WOW, these little gems are even better than I expected and reasonably priced to boot. I have done the homework and experimentation, and can spare you the time and expense. Certainly powerful enough for most any lightweight application, with very good centering! I am using these in my own models with excellent results!

There are 2 variations, a 3.7 gram and a 4.4 gram (both slightly heavier w/ wires). The case is now gray in color. The difference between the two is that the smaller 3.7 gram is just a hair less powerful and the servo moves in larger, but precisely stepped increments with radio stick input, with no variation in between steps (sort of locks into each step). While it would seem that less resolution so to speak, would not be an advantage, you would never notice it in actual model flight and this servo simply has no option but to center because it is accurately stepped. As it seems, this manufacturer has finally found a solution and the electronics are far superior then what I have seen to date. The 4.4gram servo is only slightly heavier, has bit more resolution (steps), more torque, and will be used in the new MINI "BUG". Again, with very good power and centering

An increase in inventory purchases has lead to New LOWER Prices!!!

3.7 gram Servo, now only $10

Voltage: 4.8V~6V, Speed: 0.12/SEC/6.0°, Torque: 0.4KG/CM, Case: PLASTIC, Weight: 3.7G, Size: 20×17.6×8.0 MM

4.4 gram Servo, now only $10

Voltage: 4.8V~6V, Speed: 0.12/SEC/6.0°, Torque: 0.6KG/CM, Case: PLASTIC, Weight: 4.4G, Size: 20×19.6×8.0 MM

GWS Lightweight spoke wheels

for your 23" Classic BUG.

A more durable option for outdoor flying off of asphalt or to replace your damaged foam wheels. Perfectly sized at a 2.5" diameter. Thin CA is required to secure the rubber o-ring.




NEW at Lightflite

25C-50C BURST!

Lightflite 7.4v 450mAh 2 cell LI-Po 25C -50C Burst w/ Balance Port, 31 grams $20

These are simply the BEST, most powerful and balanceable battery, in this size/weight range on the market, period!

The balance port on these batteries match similiar batteries such as those manufactured by Horizon E-Flite, Great Planes Electrifly, Align 3S, DualSky, Dynam, Common Sense V2, DualSky and many others. They also balance perfectly with the Astroflight "Blinky".

11/23/09 Back in stock! Order below.

New at Lightflite, unbelievable price!

Generation 3 450mAh 7.4V 25c-45c burst, NOW with Hyperion style balance port!

(If you have a JST/XH balance charger get the adaptor below)

Read on, these 30gram Li-Po's can be charged at up to a 5C rate, meaning fully charged in as little as 12 minutes!!

Generation 3 Lithium Polymer Packs are proving truly revolutionary in both performance and value. Compared to an average of the batteries on market last year, they provide up to up to 4x more cycles under the same discharge conditions.

They also deliver the highest voltage and flattest discharge curves under load which makes them the best performance you can buy. Tests have shown that at the 70%-discharged point in flight, they are delivering as much as 40% more power than previous generation LiPo.

The fact that they can be safely charged at up to 5C rates - for charge times as low as 10 to 12 minutes - is fantastic!

The G3 packs are made with a new Hybrid RS construction technology, super-fine substrate materials, rigorous ISO 9001 Quality Control, and final cell matching process, which all guarantee you not only this superb performance, but these long-lasting packs are tightly balanced right from the factory !

Only $16


G3 Battery Balance Port Adapter to JST / XH charger

Charge your new Generation 3 batteries on your JST / XH style balance charger.




Lightflite 11.1v 450mAh 3 cell LI-Po 25C- 505C Burst w/ Balance Port, 42 grams $25

The balance port on these batteries is the XH/JST style same as the batteries manufactured by Horizon E-Flite, Great Planes Electrifly, Align 3S, DualSky, Dynam, Common Sense V2, DualSky and many others. They also balance perfectly with the Astroflight "Blinky".


**NEW updated**

Lightflite 7.4v 330mAh 2 cell LI-Po 25C- 50C Burst w/ Balance Port, TINY but powerful at 22 grams! $16

Want to fly even lighter? This is perfect, even for those special slower and floaty 23" BUG sessions! Many other applications.

The balance port on these batteries is the XH/JST style same as those manufactured by Horizon E-Flite, Great Planes Electrifly, Align 3S, DualSky, Dynam, Common Sense V2, DualSky and many others. They also balance perfectly with the Astroflight "Blinky".

**NEW updated**

Lightflite 220mAh 13.1 gram 25c-50c burst 7.4V 2 cell Li-Po Battery

A very lighweight 13 gram 2 cell! Spec'd for the new Mini "Bug". With the introduction of a new generation of brushless motors that weigh under 10 grams, where are the battery packs to mate with these setups!? Right here...and 25C continuous - 50C BURST!

The balance port on these batteries is the XH/JST style same as those manufactured by Horizon E-Flite, Great Planes Electrifly, Align 3S, DualSky, Dynam, Common Sense V2, DualSky and many, many others. They also balance perfectly with the Astroflight "Blinky".

What a treat. Tiny Size: 35 x 21 x 12 mm / 1.38 x 0.83 x 0.47 in


Lightflite 11.1v 2800mAh 3 cell LI-Po TRANSMITTER Pack, w/ PCB board and Balance Port, Fits perfectly! $49

Now with auto voltage cut-off PCB board! If you forget to turn off your transmitter, the battery will shut down at 9V to save your battery pack from discharging to low and rendering itself useless.

Specifically designed to be used as replacement of TX Ni-Mh/Ni-Cd batteries in your transmitter, lighter in weight, much larger in capacity, simple and fast to charge, due to discharge curves, you can easily gain almost double or even more flying time than your current Ni-Mh/Ni-Cd battery!

XH/JST adapter Balanceable, with your choice of connector, for Futaba or JR/Spektrum.

Please specify which radio conector in a seperate email after you order. Thanks!

NOTE: The balance port on these batteries match similiar batteries such as those manufactured by Horizon E-Flite, Great Planes Electrifly, Align 3S, DualSky, Dynam, Common Sense V2, DualSky and many others. They also balance perfectly with the Astroflight "Blinky".


Transmitter Type


NEW at Lightflite

Hyperion Battery Charger EOS0403i


I wanted to offer a high quality trusted brand of charger that could balance charge all brands of batteries while still allowing you to charge packs without any balance port, this is the best choice I could find from the most reliable, and quality company.

It can charge lithium polymer and lifePO4 (a123) cells up to maximums of 4S and 3A rates (38W max). 

Made with the beginner in mind and at a low entry price, the 0403i has all of the safety smarts of its bigger brothers, but is extremely easy to use, compact, and is a great addition to any field box, beginner to pro...Includes the Hyperion battery balance adaptor, but it also includes the optional balance adaptors for both Thunder Power and XH style batteries
, which will cover 99.9% of the batteries out there! A worthwile investment for charging the new generation 5C charge rate small mAh packs in about 12 minutes! A direct charge/output wire connector is included as well as shown, but you will need to attach your charger side battery connector.

View the manual here...



A12 DC Power Supply 15V/10A $39

Input Voltage:     AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz  
  Range Voltage:     AC 90-264 V, 47/63Hz  
  Output Power:     150W MAX.  
  Output Voltage:     15.0V(15.5V MAX.)  
  Output Current:     10A, MAX.  
  A/C Plug Type:     Standard US 110-120V A/C Outlet Plug  


The product will transform AC 100-240V into DC 15 V, its maximal output power reaches 150W, it may power most 10-18 V chargers. Connect any 12V Charger which is supposed to be powered from a Car battery or gel pack directly from your AC Wall Outlet, the switching power supply will provide up to 10 Amps. Includes AC cord.




Two-Pin Male JST Connector - battery connector - $1.50

Two-Pin Female JST Connector - Speed control ESC side- $1.50

Deans Micro 2R, Red Polarized (pack of two) Use for battery and/or ESC side- $1.55


GWS 10 x 6 HD Prop, Black only $1.75

Available in Black only , shown below in orange.

Use for 2 OR 3 cells on our 1100kv motor and 13 amp burst ESC!

Corona DSP Full Range Receiver Auto Shift--5.3 grams w/antenna $19.95

Blue Bird Crystal for the Corona (any channel only $3, please indicate desired channel in seperate email)

"CLONE" Spektrum 6100e style 6Ch Rx End Pin Receiver

OK, I waited until the jury was out and these Spektrum "clones" perform as good as the originals at half the price! Nicer quality than others on the market.

6ch DSM2 2.4ghz Receiver compatable for spektrum DX6i DX7 DX8...

Size(mm): 40×21×10mm

 Weight: 5g

 Range: 200m

 Operating Voltage: 3.5V-9.6V

Only $23.95

Limited Quanities, more on order


Spektrum AR6000 DSM 6 Ch Park Flyer RX: DX6 ONLY, $49.95

Type: Park Flyer Only, Channels: 6 Channels

Band: 2.4GHz , Dimensions (WxLxH): 39 x 39 x 9mm

Weight: 7 grams

Spektrum AR6110

AR6110 DSM2 Microlite 6Ch Park Flyer Rx, Air


Key Features

  • 6-channel park flyer receiver
  • QuickConnect™ with Brownout Detection
  • Vertical Pin configuration
  • Red LED indicates number of holds


Spektrum’s 2.4GHz DSM2 technology gets even smaller with the AR6110 6-channel DSM2 Microlite Park Flyer Receiver. The AR6110 weighs less than 3.5 grams making it the lightest 6-channel conventional plug aircraft receiver on the market. Antenna locations give the AR6110 improved signal path diversity. The receiver also features a red LED (labeled with H) that indicates the number of holds that have occurred since the receiver was last powered on. The AR6110 is compatible with all aircraft DSM2 radios and module systems. It is designed for park flyer use only.

** The AR6110 receiver is not compatible with the DX6 park flyer radio system.

AR6110e DSM2ML6ChRxEndPin, Park Flyer Air


Key Features

  • 6-channel park flyer receiver
  • QuickConnect™ with Brownout Detection
  • Red LED indicates number of holds
  • End-pin configuration


Spektrum’s 2.4GHz DSM2 Technology gets even smaller with the AR6110e 6-channel DSM2 Microlite Park Flyer Receiver with End Pins, which is ideal for small compact airframes. The AR6110e weighs less than 4.3 grams, making it a light 6-channel aircraft receiver option. Antenna locations give the AR6110e improved signal path diversity. The receiver also features a red LED that indicates the number of holds that have occurred since the receiver was last powered on. The AR6110e is compatible with all aircraft DSM2 radios and module systems. It is designed for parkflyer use only.

 ** The AR6110e receiver is not compatible with the DX6 park flyer radio system.


NEW Full Range Spektrum DX6i computer Transmitter Set, no servos, includes the 3.5 gram AR6110 Receiver $189

Spektrum DX7 DSM 7Ch Radio with MicroLite Receiver AR6100 and 3 S285 Servos $339

Tube of UHU POR for Foam, simply the best!! --$7.50

(as of 12/06/09) BACK IN STOCK!

UHU glue is included with the purchase of the Twirl "Combo" kit above. If you would like to order QTY, please email and inquire as to the qty availability. info@lightflite.com

The UHU POR (same formula the former Creativ) is imported from Germany and the added per tube expense dictates the price increase, however, it is still the best, and the One and Only glue to use for both EPP and Depron. Dries fast and remains flexible. Excellent for fast field repairs. Very versatile qualities, use as a contact glue or for regular gluing methods.





"QUICK GRIP" EPP Foam Adhesive


EPP GLUE: Crystal clear, flexible, EXCELLENT bond, and Super FAST with EPP foam.

Also bonds styrene, carbon, velcro, and blenderm to EPP with a very tenacious, but still flexible grip.

The same consistency as the UHU, use it exactly in the same manner. Try it!

Made in the USA

(not suitable for use with Depron foam)





Extra rolls of Blenderm Hinge Tape 1" x 5 yds-- $3

SEND MONEY Button for custom orders

Coming Soon or "in the works"!


Some of you might be aware that Lightflite has merged with RCdisc and we have been "rekitting" the 24", 7oz. "MINI RCDisc" to adopt it into the Lightflite family. This incredibly brilliant (Thanks Tom!) flying inflatable disc has much to offer in the exploration of s-l-o-w, maneuverable, and yet aerobatic flight. Incorporating "direct drive" full elevon and rudder control, what a blast to fly in most any conditions! New ".070" "carbon rod reinforcement ring" keeps the airfoil perfected even during the more aggressive and advanced flight manuevers. Stiffer 3mm depron "tightens up" the flight control. It fits right into the family as it is very easy to build, is durable, easy to fly, can be really slow and floaty, FUN, flies in small spaces, up close, hovers, and now incorporates the unique susupension landing gear of "BUG" fame, making touch and goes, and ROG a whole new treat! Uses the very same lightweight, efficient, powerful, and reliable power system as the "BUG", and incorporates the "magic motor mount". The instruction manual is in the works, the parts are arriving and all should be completed shortly. Will be available as a "kit" and a "combo". Ultimately, it's larger brother will be "rekitted" as well, the 36" RCDisc. Outfitted with lights, there are NO better night flyers out there... Totally fun and entertaining to explore it's unusual flight envelope! This thing has got an attitude all of it's own and has been seen trying to "reinvent" the rules of flight. Fun, Fun, and more Fun...Videos soon...Keep Posted right here!





The Lightflite "D LITE" dart kit on the DRAWING BOARD!

The "DART" goes way, way back in RC history, basically an enlarged version of the AMA Cub, Midwest Delta Dart, MAAC Cub, etc. Brought to my attention by a "BUG" fan, and the official "DART" ambassador, Frank Weaver, also known as "Foamin Frank" on the RCGroups. He suggested that it was definitely a model that I should tryout, and also consider attempting to "KIT" for those not able/willing to scratch build. The design when scratch built, with the variety of constuction materials and methods, often left a lot to be desired for such a sweet flyer, and the results typically varied far from it's true capabilities. It deserves to be correctly kitted and built according to the plan, and at the correct weight.

"What a surprise!" Shown below is my first build of the "DART" with the expected Lightflite mods. "I myself am now hooked, and can't wait to fly again!"

Well, THANK YOU Frank!

Can a basic and simple 3 channel, rudder- elevator design act and fly like a "full house" model? YES, I can attest that this simple "DART" design is all that it is cracked up to be! Flies slow, gentile, and graceful, yet can be an aerobatic speed demon that tracks like it is on rails and pulls all wildest of tricks including holding a nice steady hover! Again, another cool design truly worthy of being readily available in kit form in true keeping with the Lightflite mission statement.

This version, called affectionately by Frank, the "D Lite", comes in a whopping 2-2.5 oz. underweight! We all know what that means :) The version that you see below was built from 0.9 density EPP foam sheet, with a 23" WS, 2.75" dihedral, AUW 5.4oz. with a 460mAh 2 cell, the "BUG" 1100KV motor w/ imbedded magic motor mount, 10x6 prop, 10amp-15amp-burst ESC, 2- Performance HD 4.4g servos, and a Spektrum AR6100 receiver. Promises, promises... I hereby promise this will become a reality here at Lightflite as a new "kit" as it was LOVE at first fly!

I just have to share this one with you, now there is simply no turning back :)

A full thread of over 160 pages is posted on the RCGroups.

UPDATE 9/02/08 : As usual, all good intentions aside, these things take time, and time well spent. This will be a sweet kit! Out to the graphics designer and the "die" will be ordered. Expect shipments to begin in late Oct! ARF $59 Combo $149

NEW "D Lite" Indoor Testing Video!


"BUG" General Info and other Stuff

Inspired by the legendary IFO, the  "Bug"  is fun, friendly, and truly as tough as they come,.. thanks to its EPP foam and carbon frame contruction, built in prop guard, flexible landing gear*, long arm control linkages*, this one is just hard to stop. Add it all up and you have a trainer that will save you big $$ with it's durability, if you are a 3D expert, same here, fly it, bash it about, pick it up and FLY it!

Combined with a brushless motor and micro gear, the "BUG" will delight you with its unique flying characteristics, and its whisper quiet and long flight times. Set it up mild and teach a beginner to fly on this nearly unbreakable and stable airplane, or crank up the throws and defy the laws of gravity with insane agility and 3D performance. We just dare you to not giggle while your flying?! After your very first launch, it will undoubtedly become your "favorite" NEW plane!

You'll always take it with you!

    The crazy light wing loading with rudder and huge elevons combine to make the"Bug" fly like nothing else you own! The complete airplane with battery weighs approx. 6 ounces all up with ordinary lightweight components! Take a careful look at the compact shape and the all EPP foam sheet and carbon fiber rod construction. It is very stiff and extremely durable, not twisty or floppy like many other planes, or "toss away fragile" like the myriad of Depron foam plane designs that can hardly survive even the slightest of mishaps without the need for careful repair, or as we all have experienced...ready for the trash can!

In addition, the innovative carbon rod long arm control linkages* eliminate slop and flex to the control surfaces. The result is unusual stability, and precisely responsive flying qualities. The simple and strong carbon fiber frame literally bounces off of most any unforseen obstacles and incorporates ingenious plug-in flexible tube to carbon rod connectors. The break resistant and "flexible" landing gear* design keeps you taking off, flying, and landing, over and over again.

The total of all of these valuable "unique" and "designed-in" benefits of the RC "Bug", will keep you FLYING...,NOT FIXING!

The " Bug" is extremely light, slow, and floaty,… but with a kick!

You also get massive control authority at very low airspeeds. Take off in 5 ft. directly into an eye level hover, loop under an 8 ft ceiling, fly in a large basement, do inverted circles around the trees in your backyard, or practice landings on a picnic table. Learn fast by pushing your limits with little consequences. A perfect plane for full contact indoor flying or small places. Without question, the most DURABLE RC model airplanes you will EVER build and fly. Like a pesky gnat, you can try and try, but this plane is just hard to kill! EASY to build!


Fly more...  Fix less…...  Guaranteed FUN!!




 wing span --  23.5 inches       wing area --  340 sq, inches 

flying weight --  6 - 6 1/2 oz.        construction  --  0.9 density, 8mm EPP foam sheet and carbon fiber

motor --cd rom style brushless or any sub 1oz. lightweight brushless motor        batteries  --  lipo, 340 to 480 mah 2-3 cells

controls  --  3 servos, rudder/elevator for beginners, or elevon/rudder for aerobatics


kit contents:

A fast build kit using foam glue or hot-melt glue, and ca.

no sanding,.. no covering,.. no thread wrapping joints.


here's what you get...

-- V3 "BUG" kit, virtually indestructible 0.9 density, 8mm EPP foam "die-cut" parts, pre-painted or plain white, ready for assembly.

-- extensive hardware kit, w/ 13 carbon fiber rods cut to length, flexible tube carbon rod connecters, blenderm hinging tape and misc. hardware.

--kit now INCLUDES the "magic motor mount" for x-mount lightweight brushless or 8mm shaft cd rom style brushless motors

-- just add UHU Creativ foam glue, if plain white is ordered, use "sharpie" markers or "Krylon" for plastic paint to custom decorate if desired.

-- a 22 page, detailed, and well illustrated assembly manual on a CD (.pdf) with setup, and adjustments.



**UPDATE: BUG Landing Gear MOD info**

 Picture Gallery, Customer Testimonials,

Some "BUG" flying VIDEOS, the NEW 17in. "MINI Bug" and the 12in. "Micro Bug" sneak preview!    

 Gear Required

 Is this an IFO?    

*NEW Motor and Mount Info and General Building and Installation TIPS*

 Contact Us


VIDEOS and reviews!

"With it's literally Magical flying abilities, it does EVERYTHING a Slow Fly 3D electric airplane should do and so much, much more...
The closest thing to a "NERF" plane you'll ever find"
The BUG is a great value indeed...
LIGHTFLITE RC "BUG" REVIEW by Ronnie Pope on RCGROUPS.com, see the video below and check out the review...HERE


also see the December 07 issue of FLYRC Magazine for Thayer Syme's review of the "BUG" in the Indoor Runways Section


AL FOOT of "TWIRL" fame,
flying the "BUG" indoors and outdoors, one with 15mph winds in England!
">Vid #1
">WINDY Vid #2
">The "SuperBUG" flies at E-Fest 08!!


">NEW Lightflite Combo "TWIRL" windy day Outdoor Video, flown by Al Foot himself!

">"TWIRL" Indoor E-Fest Video!


>RC GROUPS Forum thread here<

We have been named the USA Factory distributor of the Italian ARX Racing ARX 540 RC motorcycle!

Why you ask, how is this related to Lightflite? Well honestly, we love all RC, and one of our other passions is RC dirt oval car racing and off/on road RC motorcycles! We fell in love with this ARX540!

Check them out at www.armodelling.com or youtube the ARX540 to see what this RC off/on road RC motorcycle is all about and contact us if you have any interest. Brushless ARR or RTR available, Wholesale/Retail inquiries welcome. Thanks!



for further information, volume club or educator purchases, and dealer/distributor inquiries, please contact: 


Albany, NY


*the name the "RC Bug", the design, and other innovations are

copyright by Lightflite, LLC

*all rights reserved



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